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Consultancy offers your business a critical view of how your marketing is currently performing, before providing you with a roadmap detailing exactly how to overcome your growth challenges.

In Summary

We’ll work alongside your business to help you overcome your growth challenges. Through a process of research, interviews, investigations and recommendations, we’ll give you the exact roadmap your business needs to reach its full growth potential.  

At the end of a consultancy project, you’ll understand the exact steps required to grow your business and have the knowledge to practically implement the plan independently.

Our consultancy services are most effective for businesses who need an injection of expert help to overcome a tough growth challenge. If you feel like your business is treading water, or if you’re facing an obstacle which is limiting your growth potential, Dreem consultancy is for you.

Consultancy offers your business a sustained relationship with our team of business, marketing and customer experience experts, who will work in partnership with you to identify, rectify and move past any challenges which are stopping your business from reaching its true potential.

When planning a consultancy project, we begin with your end goal in mind, such as ‘I would like to increase sales by 40% this year’, before working backwards to reverse-engineer a plan of action accordingly.

This process helps to ensure that we’re always pushing your business in the correct direction until we arrive at your goal.

Once an end-point has been identified, we will conduct a series of audits, research projects and interviews to fully understand your business, its competitive landscape and the factors currently limiting your growth.

With this insight acquired, we will go away to develop a plan-of-action to help move your business from its current position to the end-goal.

We will then present this plan to you, before supporting your business through the transition period of overcoming your growth challenges.

Our consultancy plan will take into consideration your business marketing, branding, social media, processes and customer experience to deliver a fully-considered pathway to growth.

Our consultancy services help bridge the gap between our workshops and our full-service delivery. We will work with you to develop a plan to help you out of your current situation before arming your business with the skills, insight and tools it needs to take action.

Uncertain Times?

Marketing Resilience Strategy Session: how to navigate these challenging times and come out stronger.

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