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How we help businesses grow – Workshops, Consultancy and Delivery

It’s our job to help your business grow – we do that using three core services; workshops, consultancy and delivery.

As a full-service agency we’re obsessed with results, everything we do is focused around helping your business win new customers, generate more sales and make more money. We don’t sell services, we sell growth.

Our Workshops give you on-demand access to our experts to teach you about any area of marketing. You’ll gain practical knowledge and advice that you and your team can implement directly into your business.

Consultancy helps your business understand the steps required to boost growth. We will work alongside you to produce a roadmap to help you reach your growth goals.

Delivery makes our team of marketing experts yours. We will plan, deliver and continuously refine on-going marketing activity to drive your business to new heights.

On this page, you’ll learn more about how Dreem can help your business grow.


Our Most Popular Service

Our Delivery service takes care of your entire business marketing needs, planning and delivering campaigns that drive growth and increase revenues.

Delivery gives your company access to our full agency of design, development, marketing and customer experience experts. We’ll strategise and implement a marketing plan to help your business overcome its growth challenges and reach its full potential.

Delivery is made up of services including website design and development, Facebook and Google Ads, organic social media management, email marketing, copywriting and more.

We’ll call upon whatever combination of these services is needed to grow your business. All billed at one pre-agreed monthly cost.


Consultancy offers your business a critical view of how your marketing is currently performing, before providing you with a roadmap detailing exactly how to overcome your growth challenges.

We’ll work alongside your business to help you overcome your growth challenges. Through a process of research, interviews, investigations and recommendations, we’ll give you the exact roadmap your business needs to reach its full growth potential.

At the end of a consultancy project, you’ll understand the exact steps required to grow your business and have the knowledge to practically implement the plan independently.


With Workshops, your business has an on-demand team of experts ready to teach you about any area of marketing or business growth.

If an area of your business requires improvement and is limiting your growth, we’ll design a workshop to arm your team with the insight and know-how they need to overcome it.

We deliver bespoke workshops in the areas of marketing, branding, social media, business processes and customer experience.

Workshops are delivered by the most appropriate team members from within our agency, meaning that your business will be learning directly from experts who know exactly what they’re talking about.


Businesses Our Services Have Already Helped



Absolute Vans

We help van sales and leasing specialists Absolute Vans continue to grow and gain notoriety as one of the leading challenger brands inside of the UK’s notoriously fraught automotive market.

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The Handmade Christmas Co

During the Christmas of 2017, we helped The Handmade Christmas Co reach record revenues, generating a 6-times Return on Investment with with a fully-managed direct-response campaign.

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Uncertain Times?

Marketing Resilience Strategy Session: how to navigate these challenging times and come out stronger.

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