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Establishing Absolute Vans as a Credible Contender Within the UK Van Sales and Leasing Market

Client: Absolute Vans
Date: 2017 Onwards

Scope of Work: Web Design, WordPress Development, Branding, PPC Advertising, Social Media Management & more.

Founded in 2017 by three friends from within the automotive industry, Absolute Vans is a commercial vehicle sales and leasing company serving customers throughout the UK.

Supplying vans from manufacturers including Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota and Peugeot – as well as bespoke vehicles with custom design features – Absolute Vans was established with the aim of providing industry-leading customer service, underpinned by a culture of over-delivery.

The company first approached Dreem just months after its inception, having found little success working with another Cardiff-based marketing agency. Absolute Vans had engaged in a Google AdWords PPC campaign with their previous agency partner, but the activity failed to generate ROI-positive results.

From the initial brief of increasing the number of leads generated through Google AdWords, the scope of our relationship with Absolute Vans quickly evolved into a full-service retainer, with the company taking advantage of our integrated marketing department service.

As part of this work, we have helped Absolute Vans rebrand, launch a new website, attract hundreds of additional leads and secure their place as a contender within the UK’s van sales and leasing marketplace.

The Challenge

Having worked previously with another agency on an unsuccessful Google AdWords campaign, Absolute Vans approached Dreem with the immediate challenge of being unable to generate enough leads to sustain the business in the long term. Due to a poorly devised and managed campaign, leads generated by the previous PPC efforts were of a low quality and cost far more than the industry average, resulting in ad spend outweighing return on investment.

This lack of inbound business presented itself as an urgent challenge, requiring attention from day one of our working relationship.

Beyond this immediate concern, Absolute Vans presented a number of additional challenges, including the need for a rebrand of the business (which originally traded under the name Über Vans), the redesign and development of a new conversion-focused website to support marketing efforts, and the management of a series of ongoing paid-for search and social campaigns.

The overarching challenge was to help establish Absolute Vans as a credible contender within the UK’s notoriously competitive van sales and leasing market.

How We Helped Absolute Vans

Immediately after on-boarding Absolute Vans as a client, we set about reviewing and interpreting the data produced during the previous Google AdWords campaign. This was in an effort to better understand both the overall campaign performance as well as on-site visitor behaviour.

Using the insight gained from this data – alongside all that we know about the successful management of Google AdWords campaigns – we were able to design, develop and deploy a brand new PPC landing page and AdWords campaign within just 7 days of work commencing.

The results generated from this new campaign – which included a spike in the number of leads, a lower cost per lead and customers converting at a higher rate – helped to stabilise the business in the immediate term, allowing for time and resources to then be focused elsewhere.

In the infancy weeks of the new PPC campaign, session recording technology was deployed to document the behaviour of landing page visitors, with the aim of recording trends in how Absolute Vans customers acted in the moments before submitting an enquiry. This insight would later be used during the design of the new Absolute Vans website.

During this period, our in-depth planning and research processes were being put into action, to give us a strong and detailed view of Absolute Vans, their customers, and the wider marketplace. This level of insight is vital for us to be able to act effectively in our intimate and often business-critical relationship with each of our clients.

Our next immediate concern was to rebrand the business.

At the time of approaching Dreem, Absolute Vans was trading under the name Über Vans, in homage of their flagship bespoke van, the Über.

Despite the clear and well-intended meaning behind the original business name, it caused complications in communications with customers and made obtaining priority search rankings a challenge, due to the presence of an international transportation service of a similar name.

We presented the company with a number of brand concepts – accompanied by logos and other brand assets – before Absolute Vans was decided upon as the new name.

The legacy website which was inherited when the company first approached us was poor at converting visitors into leads. The site did not function correctly in older web browsers and had responsive issues, resulting in some mobile and tablet visitors being unable to use the site, and therefore unable to submit an enquiry and do business with Absolute Vans.

With this in mind, our next priority was to design and develop a new website for Absolute Vans.

Work on a new website began with the process of outlining a site map and documenting a list of pages required on the site, complete with a defined purpose for each. Using this site map as a foundation, content was then produced for each page of the website, alongside new copy for each van that would eventually populate the site.

Once the site was outlined and content was produced, our studio then created a set of page layouts making use of all that we know about user experience and conversion-focused design. The new website was designed to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find the van they’re looking for, with intelligent search, filter and tagging options allowing for multiple ways to discover vehicles.

As part of the van listing page design process, insight was taken from analytical data and session recordings made during the initial PPC campaign, allowing for us to design around real visitor behaviour.

Once layouts were approved, the website was handed to our development team.

As with all websites we produce, the Absolute Vans site was subject to a strict development process, to ensure that it was fully accessible, optimised for performance and functioned correctly across all supported browsers, screen sizes and device types.

After a series of refinements and having completed our multilayered testing process, the Absolute Vans website was launched alongside the new branding, marking the start of a new era for the business.

Now with a stable flow of leads being generated and with a solid foundation against which to market, our focus shifted towards supporting Absolute Vans with their growth ambitions.

The primary way in which we helped grow Absolute Vans over the past twelve months was through the use of PPC advertising, making use of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Google AdWords campaigns were created for each vehicle sold by Absolute Vans, each with their own ad copy and conversion-focused landing page. These ads were deployed to be seen by visitors searching Google, with the aim of reaching purchase-ready customers at the right moment in time.

Those clicking on a Google ad would be directed through to a landing page containing information on their van of choice, finance examples and a prompt to submit a request for a quote. This quote request form is how leads were gathered, before being handed to Absolute Vans’ sales team to be converted into customers.

For those who don’t submit a lead during their first visit to the website, Facebook remarketing campaigns were deployed to continue making contact for a number of weeks after their initial interaction with Absolute Vans. These adverts were designed to plant images of visitors’ van of interest throughout their Facebook timeline, complete with a finance example and a call to action encouraging the visitor to return to the website.

Throughout this ongoing paid search and remarketing campaign, continuous refinements were made to ad copy and creatives, targeting and landing pages, to ensure the highest possible return on investment.
To support ongoing marketing activities, Facebook Ads were used to push a select number of monthly ‘special offer’ campaigns, displaying promotionally priced vans to those within specific demographics, as a way to bolster the number of vans sold each month.

To support the paid activity on social media, we also produce and publish consistent content for the Absolute Vans Facebook page, helping to grow it into an active and engaged community of loyal van buyers.

The Result

In the first twelve months of working with Absolute Vans, we have helped with the sale of hundreds of vans to customers throughout the UK, stabilising the business and laying the foundations for continued growth.

By rebranding the business, creating a new website and managing a continuously evolving marketing plan, we have provided Absolute Vans with access to a full suite of services, helping to grow their brand, increase their revenue and establish their position as a strong contender in the van sales and leasing marketplace.

Moving Forward

As our relationship with Absolute Vans moves into its second successful year, we continue to support the business with our full range of design, development and marketing services.

The focus for the coming twelve months is to further grow the number of vans sold by Absolute Vans, whilst strengthening after-sales marketing to secure return custom in years to come.

Alongside this, improving Absolute Vans’ wider digital footprint sits high on our list of priorities, supporting the business in obtaining and publishing positive reviews from their many satisfied customers.

Finally, new areas of the Absolute Vans website will be launched in the coming months, with improved search and discovery tools and a commerce area selling peripheral products.