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We’re Dreem

It’s our job to help businesses win new customers, generate more sales and make more money

It’s our job to help businesses grow using effective marketing. We are a proven team of design, development, marketing and customer experience experts. We are known for helping businesses overcome their growth challenges to reach their full potential.

Through our Workshop, Consultancy and Delivery services, we give our clients the knowledge, tools and resources they need to smash through growth-limiting obstacles and make more money. We don’t sell services, we sell growth.

Dreem is a full-service marketing agency based in South Wales.

Founded in 2012, we’ve spent the best part of a decade dedicating ourselves to becoming experts in the area of business growth. In that time, we’ve worked with a range of clients from fledgeling startups through to multinational PLCs, delivering measurable business results that make a real difference to the clients we serve.

Today, we offer three core services; Workshops, Consultancy and Delivery

These services are delivered by a diverse team of design, development, marketing and customer experience experts who come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

In the past, our team has worked in industries including publishing, advertising, high-scale e-commerce and consumer services. This unique mix of industry insight helps guide the decisions we make for our clients.

Our Management Team


Richard Hills
Managing Director

Richard keeps things running and growing here at Dreem. Alongside his typical Managing Director duties, Richard is actively involved in the strategy, execution and delivery of the work we produce for our clients, ensuring that we’re squeezing as much growth as possible into the businesses we serve.


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Ultralearning by Scott H Young

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Line of Duty

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Sean Spooner
Creative Director

As Creative Director of Dreem, Sean understands that everything we conceptualise, design and deliver needs to make a difference for our clients. Obsessed with conversion-focused design and copy, it’s Sean’s job to oversee the work that we produce, promoting our culture of continuous improvement in all that we do.


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Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

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Modern Wisdom

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Alexander Whitlock
Technical Director

With more than a decade of experience heading up digital teams for some of the UK’s best-known brands and businesses, Alex now helps keep Dreem and our clients at the forefront of what’s possible. Passionate about accessibility and with a deep understanding of all things digital, Alex is the Technical Director other agencies wish they could have.


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Expeditionary Force by Craig Alanson

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The Missing

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The Tools We Use To Grow Businesses

Website Design and Development

We build websites that grow businesses. From brochure sites to e-commerce stores, our websites are designed and developed with business goals in mind. Conversion-focused design, industry-leading development, and fast and reliable localised hosting give our clients a competitive edge online.


Words sell. The copy we produce has one goal; to clearly communicate your core messages and help your business grow. Copywriting is the cornerstone upon which the success of our entire service offering rests. Our clients can clearly and effectively communicate with their end customers thanks to our copywriting services.

Facebook Ads

We use Facebook and Instagram ads to help our clients reach and convert new customers. With a systematic approach to ad creation, testing and refinement, our clients benefit from an always-on stream of new leads and orders won through effective Facebook Ads.

Google Ads

Every business has potential customers hiding in plain sight on Google. We use Google Ads to help our clients win these customers. Effective copy and targeting, optimised landing pages, and data-driven refinements give our clients the best chance possible to win on Google.

Email Marketing

Mailing lists are money-printing machines. We help our clients grow their mailing lists and send effective emails to their current customers. We help our clients sent the right message, at the right time, to the right customers. The result is low-cost revenue generation.

Social Media Management

Engaged customers are more likely to offer repeat business and refer new customers to you. That’s why building meaningful relationships with customers both new and old is a no-brainer for many of our clients. From content creation to community management, we offer our clients a range of social media services.

Content Marketing

Build trust, generate leads, convert prospects. They are just some of the benefits of having an effective content marketing strategy in place. We help our clients produce high-value content that their prospects can’t resist. We then build funnels around this content to generate and warm sales leads.

Industry Influence

Every industry has thought leaders. When they talk, people listen. They win a disproportionate amount of business in their sector. We help our clients become these industry influencers. Through content production, podcast and publication placement, and seeking speaking engagements, we help our clients corner attention in their industry.

Account Based Marketing

Every B2B business has a list of ideal customers. With Account Based Marketing, we help our clients reach them. We work with our clients to identify their ideal customers, before creating a tailored campaign of communication to reach them. Direct mail, emails, resources, landing pages, retargeting and more. This service allows our clients to scale their sales and prospecting activities.

Our Principles

The principles that help us make winning decisions

Results Over Services

We’re not romantic about any one form of marketing, nor do we only push the services which benefit us the most. We know our clients judge us exclusively on our results and so everything we do comes from a results-first mentality.

Continuous Learning

Platforms change, algorithms alter and consumers continue to act irrationally, That’s why we have a culture of continuous learning, keeping our clients at the forefront of what’s possible.

Principles Before Tactics

Human psychology is at the heart of our marketing. Long-lasting principles will always trump short-term tactic when it comes to delivering meaningful business growth.

Data-Backed Decisions

We trust our gut, but data speaks louder than opinions. The actions we take are backed by data, allowing for better decisions and more informed reporting.


The relationships we hold with our clients typically span over many years. We’re not in this for the short-term and so honesty and transparency are the cornerstones of our business.